Middle Leadership Course

18th Apr 2017

Middle Leadership Course

Delivered by Northumbria University and Teaching School Manager Vicki Brown, Dyke House College will be hosting a Middle Leadership Course.

This is a two year programme in conjunction with Northumbria University. 30 credits are awarded a year,resulting in PG Certificate in Educational Leadership (60 credits) at the end of the two years along with a NET award in Middle Leadership. Participants can complete one year if they wish and take the 30 credits to be used towards a Post Graduate programme of their choice.

Cost £600 per year

Delivered by Northumbria University and a school based facilitator

4 whole day sessions over the course of an academic year – 8 sessions in total

Course Outline:

Year 1



1st March 2016

Session 1: Theories and Critiques of Leadership

Definitions- Being managed, Hay competencies, Effective educational leaders

Models – TQM, Local management, public sector, management styles, organisational culture

18th March 2016

Session 2: Management Processes – Planning and Organising

Strategic management, decision making, curriculum planning, structures, change models, HR issues

14th April 2016

Session 3: Management Processes – Leading and Controlling

Changing systems, leadership styles, culture, communication, teamwork, power and motivation, feedback, finance, data, appraisal and staff development

18th May 2016

Session 4: Personal Issues – What’s it like to be a leader?

Time management, emotional intelligence, skills and competencies, managing change and diversity, social responsibility and ethics, trust

Submitt written assignment – 30 credits and NET level 1 leadership qualification

Year 2



Sept’16 to Dec’16

Session 1 – 2 Project Management

Change Management models and related theory.

Feb’17 to April

Session 3 – 4 School based Project

Aspect of leadership from Year 1 is developed in the form of a school based project and implemented.

Submit School based project – 30 credits + Year 1 (60 credits) PG Certificate in Educational Leadership (Northumbria University) and NET level 2 leadership qualification