Critical Thinking

?Education is not the learning of facts but the training of the mind to think.? - Albert Einstein.

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking equips our students with the mental tools they need to make sense of our ever-changing world. The work we do therefore seeks to inspire our staff and students to adopt critical thinking approaches in their learning so that students develop the skills to confidently tackle unfamiliar concepts and material. The approach we take is highly practical; half-termly CPD sessions and small group meetings with staff are focused around how to apply the principles of critical thinking in real classroom scenarios and in ways that are appropriate to specific subject areas.

The Critical Thinking group is made up of a number of staff with different areas of interest and expertise.

Our aims this year are to:

* Develop a good theoretical knowledge about what critical thinking is and its benefits.

* Trial and evaluate critical thinking approaches in lessons.

* Create a practical guide to support other staff in using critical thinking approaches.

* Share good practice in departments, Schools and in Critical Thinking CPD sessions.

The Critical Thinking Cycle


Why Critical Thinking?