Special Educational Needs and Disability


The SEND research group has made a collective decision to target action research which focuses on the high number of pupils who have identified speech and language difficulties which act as a barrier to their understanding of vocabulary, understanding of subject specific information,hinders their understanding of tasks and questions and ultimately can impact on their progress and achievement. Pupils may experience difficulties accessing the national curriculum on a daily basis and it is also recognised that there are many more pupils who experience similar difficulties despite not having completed any specific diagnostic speech and language assessments.

Targeted Research

The target pupils for the action research are those pupils who experience difficulties in one or more of the following areas:

* Verbal comprehension

* Receptive language

* Expressive language

* Working memory

* Vocabulary

Action Research Process

Using cycles of Action Research to undertake the work, The SEND research group will also work with the school?s Educational Psychologist (EP) and NHS Speech and Language therapist to support them in the research and affect positive change in the way learning is implemented for pupils in lessons with speech and language difficulties.

The initial three areas of focus are to:

* Research and develop knowledge and understanding of language difficulties and understanding and how it impacts of a pupil?s learning.

* Undertake paired or group work to investigate strategies to overcome delays in language which act as a barrier to learning in the classroom.

* Complete specific Action Research to implement visual strategies in the classroom and evaluate their impact on learning.

Future Development

The intention is to widen the initial action research over time to transfer research knowledge and findings into developing strategies in school to support pupils with a diagnosis of ASD (where communication can also be a significant barrier).